Toptal in recent times has become a respectable institution with solid focus on technological trends, which is why being part of this team is a guarantee of learning and achieving effective knowledge about good ventures.
When I come across Toptal UX designers Network  writings, I feel identified with what is being interpreted, which encourages me to encourage and direct projects that allow sharing skills for the growth of this excellent brand. Topics such as DASHBOARD DESIGN – CONSIDERATIONS AND BEST PRACTICES, 30 DAYS OF DESIGN – A CASE STUDY BRAND are some topics that have allowed me to improve ideas about innovation to develop effective applications.
I will soon retire from university (UNELLEZ), where I have spent more than 25 years teaching and helping with the proper use of technology, basically related to the latest paradigms of application development, this has allowed me to dig deeper into the understanding and analysis for the implementation of innovative trends, in this way assessing agile designs that entrepreneurs must produce with the intention of giving the best use of technology.
I have had the privilege of offering my personal website ( to share writings of, which has allowed me to identify myself in such a way that I share these experiences with colleagues and friends of my profession, as well as students of the career of Computer engineering from the University where I complete my work. Such experience I wish to take part in to be part of Toptal will allow giving direct support to the community, also strengthening the footprint left by this corporation in the digital users basically in what has to do with the network of UX designers

Dr. Juan Laya



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